Providing Residential Services for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

About Us

What is Topview Corporation?

Topview Corporation is an organization that provides residential services for adults with developmental disabilities. Topview Corporation currently operates homes (each home serves eight individuals) in the Chicagoland area.

Our Mission

The staff of Topview Corporation are charged with responsibility of providing training and support services to individuals with disabilities. This training is individualized and is designed to develop skills and behaviors that promote independence, community integration and autonomy.

Our Vision

It is our belief that all individuals, without regard to severity of disability, are capable of increasing their abilities if proper services and supports are administered to their individual needs. Topview Corporation is licensed by the Illinois Department of Human Services. We provide support services that include a broad spectrum of specialized services from many resources within the agency and in the community. Services provided to the clients are individualized and coordinated through a person-centered plan. Through a comprehensive method of assessment, and input from clients, families and guardians, an individual service plan is developed to address specific training areas for each person. Topview Corporation provides training opportunities for individuals in both structured and unstructured settings, based on the individual’s needs. Training is provided in an environment that allows for maximum interaction within the facility and within the local community by trained professional staff who adhere to the basic principles of human worth and dignity. Day training and employment opportunities are contracted with a local provider and are considered an integral part of the training process.